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Layton Nosbush

Born in Cumberland, WI

Lives in Minneapolis, MN

My name is Layton Nosbush and I am a 3D animation artist specializing in look development. When I am working on a piece, the story comes out through the details. I have the opportunity to determine how much wear and tear an asset of the film has or if it has none and all and is brand new right off the store shelf. I get to tell the backstory of every object in the scene through its material. Just as a collector looks at an antique, with all its scratches, nicks, and dents, and thinks about its story and what it’s been through, I create each object with its own scratches, nicks, and dents, and build its story. That is what I love about what I do. Each piece I create is its own and lends to the overall narrative of the film in which it lives.

Although I specialize in shading and texturing, I think it’s imperative as a 3D artist to continually practice as a well-rounded generalist. Along with the tools that I am already proficient in, I frequently read articles on new ways to improve my practice. I am continually teaching myself Python, MEL, and UNIX code languages so that I can incorporate scripts and custom-built tools into his practice in order to develop a more robust and efficient work flow. I am also currently teaching myself Bitmap2Material and Houdini. This not only allows me to expand my personal practice, but also helps me become better at my specialty by understanding exactly how it translates into the film pipeline. By understanding exactly what the next department/artist does with my work when they receive it allows me to refine my practice to be as streamline and efficient as possible so that there are no upsets or concerns when my assets are passed on to the next artist in the pipeline. In many of my works, I have been able to showcase skills beyond my specialty as a shading and texturing artist and make use of my broader skillset. I have worked as a generalist in nearly every aspect of the pipeline including camera/staging, modeling, set dressing, rigging, animation, simulation, shading/texturing, lighting, and post/compositing.

I do the best I can to be a well-rounded artist, but I know that within the 3D animation field, being an active member of a team and being an individual who is able to work cooperatively with other artists is imperative above everything else. Working collaboratively allows me and the artists around me to construct their best work. Often, finding a solution to a problem is a multi-step endeavor and by allowing others to be included in your problems, the entire team can share the knowledge that comes from the solution. Having the opportunity to learn so many different softwares and tool-sets has made me a much stronger artist overall. I believe that the best artist is the one with the most tools at their disposal. I have had the opportunity to work with numerous talented individuals and learn from them and I’m looking forward to bringing that knowledge to where I goes next while gaining more along the way.

Phone |  715-419-2108

Email |  laytonnosbush@gmail.com